●STUDIO27 クロームデカール シリーズ●
印刷面サイズ:縦180mm ×横125mm。
 Print size; 180mm (H) x 125mm (W)
 Printed by Cartograf, Italy
■ Instruction ■
Chrome Decals can be applied in the same way as normal decals, however, please take note of the following information.
1. Certain solvents may damage the foil surface.
We advise against the use of ANY clear top coats, however, if the decision is taken to use such a product please take the time to TEST IT on a piece of foil decal.

Our Chrome decals are designed to give the correct finish WITHOUT the need of any clear top coating.
2. ecal setting solutions may be used with our Chrome decals.
We do advise ANY solutions be used in small amounts, and again, please test your setting and softening solutions before proceeding.
3. As the surface of our Chrome decals is a pure foil coating, it may be subject to damage if stored for a time in humid or hot and dry conditions.
Please retain the packing envelope and take care to store the decals in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight."
Chrome Decal
定価 \1,260(税込) 発売中
Price \1,200 Now on Sale
Gold foil Decal
定価 \1,260(税込) 発売中
Price \1,200 Now on Sale
クロームデカール ライン(シルバー)
Chrome Decal - Line
定価 \1,260(税込) 発売中
Price \1,200 Now on Sale
クロームデカール ライン(ゴールド)
Gold foil Decal - Line
定価 \1,260(税込) 発売中
Price \1,200 Now on Sale