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56899(From 12/10/2000)
I received a request , T2 manual in English. Oh my Buddha , but I don't speak English. I try to make page in English. So , only this page is in English (ordinarily , my page is Japanese only). Mistake are in this page, possibly.

Revision 21/03/2001

All parts NAME / Finder / AF/MF/Focus Aid / Program/aperture preseting AE/strobo / AE correction

All parts NAME / pageTOP / GO COMPACT CAMERA page(Japanese)
  figure 1(55K) notice : this is from Japanese T2 catalog. English translation by penguin-19. CONTAX not have responsibility.

Finder / pageTOP / GO COMPACT CAMERA page(Japanese)
  Finder display

If "LT" is lighting, 1/30 - 1sec. If "LT" is switching on and off, it meaning bulb mode.

AF (Auto Focus) , MF (Manual Focus) , Focus Aid/ pageTOP / GO COMPACT CAMERA page(Japanese)

Upper Focus dial at "AF" , Auto Focus mode. At numbers , Manual Focus mode.

In Manual Focus mode , 3 marks light and aid focus. This is focus aid.

focus aid

Program Mode/aperture preseting AE/strobo / pageTOP / GO COMPACT CAMERA page(Japanese)

Program Mode/aperture preseting AE
If you want to use program mode , you must set Aperture ring to F2.8 (green). This position mean program mode.
If you set Aperture ring at number (excepting 2.8) , aperture preseting Mode.

Use Aperture ring lower illustration.

AE correction / pageTOP / GO COMPACT CAMERA page(Japanese)
  Use upper EV correction dial. -2EV to +2EV , 1/2step. If you correct EV , mark appear in finder.

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