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Extra – Extra (Platina PALP 3003)
“Wow!” you say after having listened to Tages’ third LP, “Extra, Extra.”  It really deserves the title, and it also shows that the ‘new’ Tages have imagination, a real feeling for the music, and even plenty of humour.  There are simply no bad songs on “Extra, Extra.”  The very best one is Danne Larsson’s and Anders Henriksson’s song “Extra.”  It’s great and so different that it almost takes your breath away when you listen to it.  With whistles, synthesizers, kettledrums, and vibraphones plus gimmick-songs, Tages sound like something between the Supremes and the Beach Boys – yet still unqiue somehow.  “Howlin’ For My Baby” is another great song.  And it must help that Göran Lagerberg sings a lot on this LP and that he’s more blues-inspired than before.  Really great!


Lasse Svensson ? The New Guy in Tages

The problem of finding a drummer for the Gothenburg group Tages has been solved now that they have Stockholm boy Lasse Svensson on drums, who was previously with the group Hi-Balls.  Tommy Tausis is now with the Spotnicks, which PS talked about in its last issue.  The reason for the change was because he’s now getting much more pay than he was with Tages.  As drummer with the Spotnicks he gets 2,000 kronor a week.  Lasse Svensson began rehearsing with Tages last week in Gothenburg.

In the end, the competition to be Tages’ new drummer was between him and Kjell Jeppson, and for a while there was even talk of Lasse Sandgren from the Lee Kings.  The loss of Svensson means that the band Hi-Balls will have some difficulties.

Göran played at tightrope-walking on board the boat, and the encouraging calls came thick and fast:
– You’ll get a hundred kronor if you jump in!  But Göran said that he thought the water looked dirty.

Danne Larsson enjoys living in Gothenburg.
– You don’t have to go around being seen and hanging out.

Lasse Svensson has played drums in many other places before joining Tages, but no one would believe he’s not one of the gang.  Well, maybe the lack of a Gothenburg dialect...
– If it is dark in a room and Lasse comes in through the door, you sense it right away, said Danne.  I don’t know of anyone who always smells so fresh and clean and of aftershave lotion.

Danne likes to take photos.  About a month ago he almost set fire to the whole apartment.  The band members were soon to move to another location in Stockholm, and Danne wanted to take pictures of the apartment as it looked on the last day.  To do this, he had set up powerful photographer’s lamps but placed one of them too close to the synthetic curtains, which soon caught fire.  After dousing the fire with buckets of water and smothering it with pillows, they got it under control and could breathe a sigh of relief.
– Everyone who has not seen “The Fearless Vampire Killers” doesn’t know what they’ve missed, said Tommy and took on the air of a connoisseur.
– It is absolutely fascinating!
And we can perhaps say that Tages is also...