1.  A girl is on her way home from a pop concert.  A strange van stops beside her.  In a flash two hefty bandits in disguise jump out and drag the girl into the van, which then drives off squealing its tires.

2.  At Tages’ office, in the forenoon, Göran has just opened the mail.  “Guys, a ransom note!  One of our fans has been kidnapped!  The ransom is 10,000 dollars.  It says: WARNING!  Do not get the police involved!”

3.  Freddie takes charge right away.  “We have to rescue this girl from the terrrible clutches of these gangsters!  Danne, you’ll have to infiltrate the underworld and try to pick up the trail!”  “It’s child’s play” says Danne calmly.

4.  The next night Danne dresses up as a criminal.  His disguise is perfect.  At The Vulture Café he gets a frightened informer to talk.  Then Danne calls the office: “The bandits are in a villa just outside of town!”

5.  Early in the morning the boys gather outside the incredibly luxurious bandit-villa, Eagle’s Nest.  The kidnappers’ van is parked outside.  Freddie whispers, “We have to use strategy to solve this mystery!”

6.  It’s Tommy who then gets a bright idea: “If one of us could manage to get inside, he could let the others in!”  The others are amazed at his shrewd deduction, and they silently nod their approval.

7.  Just seconds later Anders has put on a fantastic disguise as a plumber and knocks on the crooks’ door.  “Hello, I’m here to fix a leaky pipe,” he says to the surprised bandit and then steps inside.

8.  The one bandit believes that his accomplice called for a plumber, so he doesn’t suspect anything.  Anders looks around for clues.  Behind one door he comes upon a scene that makes his blood run cold.  There’s the girl!  Tied up, guarded!

9.  There’s not a moment to lose!  The pretend plumber opens a window and signals to his friends!

10.  The tension is now absolutely unbearable!  With Göran and Tommy leading the way, the brave boys climb up onto a balcony 20 metres above the ground.

11.  “Ssssh!” whispers Anders in a voice so unbelievably quiet that you could have heard a pin drop when he said it.  And without wasting a moment, the boys enter a room furnished with stolen property.

12.  But those hardened criminals hear the noise!  “I hear noise,” grunts the one bandit to the other.  “It must be the plumber...”  The other replies, “WHAT PLUMBER?!”

13.  With a deafening holler, the gangsters rush out of the room!  And they fall over Freddie, who is crouched on all fours in front of the door!  While this is happening, Danne slips in to free the captured girl.

14.  Now the fight is on!  And the girl has been freed!  The fist-fight lasts for five hours.  Arms and legs were broken like matchsticks in the dreadful struggle!  Tages showed no mercy to the kidnappers...

15.  Finally, these dangerous gangsters are rendered harmless...  Twilight is falling outside the windows of the ghostly luxury-villa...  The whole group helps to tighten the rope!

16.  The police chief cries for joy when he thanks the successful crime-fighters.  “Congratulations,” he proclaims.  “What an achievement!  For 30 years these crooks have been wanted by the FBI, Smersh, and Interpol!”