60's Garage/Psych Compilation Database



       Searchin' for Shakes is a Microsoft Access2000 database containing track listings and release information for the hundreds of various artist compilations that focus on 60's garage and psychedelic rock. It was inspired by reference books such as David Walters' "Children of Nuggets," but offers the following additional features:

The database will never go out-of-date. Updates will be available right here at Cutie Morning Moon as soon as we get a new comp; all you have to do is download the file and import it into your version of the database.

You can search by Band Location as well as by Band Name, Song Title, Geographic Area, Label (both original and reissue) and Compilation Title. For Band Names and Song Titles, you can search on a whole name, or just part of a name.

Bands with the same name are differentiated by number and, where available, city/state/country of origin.

Related bands are identified. For example, a search for Darwin's Theory will also turn up tracks they recorded as the Gentlemen, or as the 5 Gentlemen.

Different versions of songs (demos, alternate takes, live, etc) are identified.

With version 2.4 the scope of the database has expanded to include both original comps (released during the 60s) and comps of modern (80s-90s) bands.

Searchin for Shakes can now be accessed on-line at the Ugly Things website:

Criteria for inclusion:

The music fits roughly into one of the following categories: garage, beat or psychedelic

The album features three or more bands

           In general I've omitted compilations that focus on rockabilly, surf, soul, prog rock and novelty tunes, as well as generic "one-hit wonder" style comps. A number of individual songs from these genres can be found in the database, however. In fact there are a couple exceptions to each of the above criteria, but I figure there's no harm done leaving them in.

System Requirements:

          You'll need a pc running Windows 95 or better.

Distribution Rights:

           We aren't in this for the money, so feel free to make copies of Searchin' for all your friends. Just don't charge anything for it (beyond your costs), and we'll all be happy.

How to get a copy:

         The method you use to get a copy of Searchin' depends on the software you already have in place. Here are the options:

1.      If you have Microsoft Access97 or 2000, you can download the database from this site. Go to the DOWNLOAD PAGE to get the latest files.

2.      If neither of the above is viable, you can still use the website:

How you can help:

        We need track listings and release info for the following compilations. Please e-mail them to

Ausgerechnet Bananen (Elite Special, 1968, Germany)

Beat & Rock 68 (Philips, 1968, Germany)

Beat Bis Zum Wecken

Beat Club (Philips, 1967, Germany)

Beat Goes On (Columbia, 1965, Holland)

Beat-Parade 1968 (Hansa, 1968, Germany)

Beat-Party (Tempo, 1966, Germany)

Best Beat Songs of 1967 (Fontana, 1967, Germany)

The Best Of CMon #1 (Festival, New Zealand)

The Best Of CMon 68 #2 (Festival, 1968, New Zealand)

Best of the Beat Bands in Sophia (Balkanton, 1969, Bulgaria)

Caf Au Go Go! (TKCA, Japan, 1991)

Delusions Of Grandeur #7 (cassette)

Der Deutsche Nachwuchs Stellt Sich Vor (Pop, 1967, Germany)

18 Thoughts of British Trash (Japan)

Ex Nexu #9 EP (Ex Nexu Fanzine, c1989, Germany)

Flame Eps (not sure of actual name Flame 007 from 1976, Flame 010 from 1981, Holland)

Gitarren von Bach bis Beat (Philips, 1965, Germany)

Greatest Beat Hits 67 (Bild und Funk/Musik fur Dich, 1967, Germany)

Die Grosse Beat-Parade 2. Folge (Universum, 1967, Germany)

Hits A Go-Go #5 (RCA, Chile, 1967)

Mas Sotano Beat (RCA, Argentina)

Nederpop 1965-1975 #3 (Polydor, Holland)

On The Scene (Columbia, New Zealand)

Pop 67 (EMI Columbia, 1967, Norway)

Psychedelic Mysterioso: the Trippiest Tunes of All Tyme

Samantha Productions #2 (U.K.)

S.F.O. Music box set (S.F.O., 1967, USA)

Shape of Things to Come cassette (Cave, 1986, USA)

Star-Club Anthology #2 (Star-Club, 197?, Germany)

Star-Club Anthology #5 (Star-Club, 197?, Germany)

Star Club History (Star-Club, Germany, 2LP)

Subotica 68 Youth Festival (1968, Yugoslavia, 7 EP)

Teenager Show (Decca Schallplattenclub, 1965, Germany)

TVs Countdown (Sunshine, Australia)

There are doubtless others we don't know about - please clue us in! And feel free to get in touch if you can help us correct any mistakes, or fill in missing info.