When Gary Walker(Gary Leeds )quite Walker Brothers, he formed new band Gary Walker and The Rain.
Walker Brothers formed in United States ,the lineup was Scott Walker(Scott Engel),John Walker(John Maus) and Gary Walker soon after they move to England.They were not real brother,but they use same family name Walker  , they moved to England.
Gary started his music carrier as a drummer of  early lineup of Standels.
Walker Brother  were briefly huge stars in England, in Japan and some other countries but not in their native land.The band was far more pop than rock. They hit the top of the British Charts with "Make It Easy on Yourself " in 1965.
In Japan they were famous as Beatles or Bee Gees around '67. Japanese confectionery company had a campaign .
"gather coupon  on the chocolate, send them to get Walkers poster" . Japanese kids danced with their version of "Land of 1000 dances".
After the band broken they  reunite to  go tour in Japan .
Cutie Morning MoonIn '68 Gary Walker release
ed 45 with Japanese band Carnabeats. Scot Walker wrote the lyrics and co-produced it.  It was "Cutie Morning Moon".(I took the naming for my web pages. When they recorded the song  they did through the night. After the recording , they found a paled moon in the sky. They were inspired the song 's name from it)
 After to relese 2 solo 45s in England,Gary formed his new band Gary Walker and the Rain. The line up is Gary,Paul Crane (ex Cryan Shame) , Joey Molland (ex. Materminds,future Badfinger), and John Lauson(ex.Universals).
As Walker Brothers was very popular in Japan, Gary was still idol in Japan,   the band came to Japan in '68 . Carnabeats opened them.The singer ,drummer   Ai Takano told his memory.
In England, they released only  few 45s, but they could released an album in Japan. The album now available on CD in USA.


This profile  originally appeared  Japanese'60s Zine, Young Music.
Name John Lawson JoeyMolland Gary Leeds Michael Williams
Birth Date 25.9.45 21.6.47 3.9.44 4.6.45
Height 6'2" 5'11" 5'11" 5'11"
Section Bass Guitar Lead Guitar Dryns Rhythm Guitar
Fave Color Black Black Black&White Red&Black
Fave Foods Fish& Chips Steaks&Curry All Kinds(New) Steaks
Actor James Dean Steve McQueen Orson Wells James Coburn
Type of Girl Nataly Wood-Bronde Intelligent Type Can'T Think of Any All Kind Quiet Type
Fave Bands Hollies, 
J Hendrix Experience
Beatles Hollies,Beatles Spencer Davies 
Singer Scot Walker George Formoy Scot Walker Scot walker
Ultimate Ambition To be the "Rain"as No.1group To be Successfull To Make The Rain Success To Be A Success
Your Car Austin Mini Don't Drive Mini Rolls Morris Mini
Heir & Eyes Blonde,Blue Brown Brown Light Brown
Hobby Drinking 
Nothing write Songs 
And Think

wearing Japanese Happi coat
left to right:Joey,John,Gary,Michael