from Canadian Records Obscurities & Rarities by Andre Gibeault

Glenn Grecco(lead gtr.),Glen Stephen(bass),Mike Gauthier(gtr.),Bill Bryans(drums),Graham Powers(llead vocal)

with the Haunted and the Rabble,M.G.& the Escorts was one of the top group in Montreal.They made the chart with the four singles they put out.

Their first "Please don't ever change" is a very good mersey-punk song with fuzz and reached the 9e position on the CFCF chart in May 1966."I can't go on" was the group's second 45 in September 1966,but it failed at the end of the chart . In January 1967,"A someday fool", put the group again in the top 10.This song is a classic and one of the best punk/fuzz to came out in Montreal.

After this period, it was rumored that The group was going in Texas to record an album that, unfortunately, never see the light. 

After a while they play in Montreal under the name of Graham Power & the Escorts. 


Graham Dunnett(lead vocal,From England),Terry Watkinson(organ),Len Lytwyn(gtr.)

Dee & the Yeomen was one of the few three pieces band around in 1965 but one of their singles are among the vest example of punk for this period. Graham Dunnett came from England and between the year 1957and 1961,he played in no less than 23 bands. In 1962 he joined the Starliners and made tours of the British Isles backing many of the big name recording artists. He cut two records with the Starliners and made a movie. He cut two records with the Starliners and made a movie. His group receive a contract to play in the "Star Club" in Hamburg and for six weeks shared the bill with the Beatles, Gerry & the Pacemakers and the Undertakers. After Dee & the Starliners toured in France for six months and came in Canada where he formed Dee & the Yeomen. 


This group made an album of cover song only. Seven versions of the Animals,one Yardbirds, one Sir Douglas quintet, one Cream and one Small faces. This is a rare LP.The best cover song is "I'm cryin"with a lot of guiter and a guy who scream more then Eric Burdon. 

PURPLE HAZE(Montreal) 

This group made only one single of punk-psych. Fuzz music. The release was on the only home-made label to came out of Montreal on 45. 


The Underworld made a song called "Go away". This song has the best and wild est guitar braeak that I've heard far away. But I really don't know where the group came from. In all my documentation, there was no mention of this name. 

WITNESS INC.(Saskatoon) 

Ed Clynton,Les Bateman,Dave Tupper,Allan Ayers,Kenny Shield(Later from Streetheart)

Ed Clynton, Les Bateman, Dave Tupper, Allan Ayers, Kenny Shield (Later from Streetheart) 


This group was very popular in clubs and teen dances in Montreal. The only single they made is the excellent psychedelic-punk song "People of time". Bob Stanley formed later the Ville Emard Blues Band and Toubadou. 

GREAT SCOTS (Halifax)more information 

From Halifax,the Great Scots cit three singles of wild punk music,thanks mostly to the great screaming vocals.


Dave Isner,Bill Schnare,Wayne Forrest,Jerry Archer,Rick Neal,

came from Amherst,Nova-Scotia,and recorded a version of "Chantilly lace"in 1963. 

Central Nervous System came from Halifax and cut one LP. Doug Billard and Jime White formed PepperTree and Keith Jollimore joined Lighthouse.


From Winnipeg came this wild psychedelic fuzz single. Both sides are superbs. 


The 409 was a french group from Montreal in 1966. But they cut a single in English . A wild punk screamer fuzz song From which I say that this is one of the best punk song to came out of Montreal. 


Jonny Monk(lead vocal)

What more can I say about this fantastic punk/screamer song? Oh yes! From Montreal and ultra rare.

The lead vocal, Johnny Monk joined Haunted. 


Another of my fave, the Mike Jones Group came from Montreal. Their "Funny feeling"is one of the best punk screamer with fuzz guitar. Sorry to say this,but I don't know anything about this band. Like the Bohemians , it was maybe members of other know groups. 


The Midnight Angels made one fantastic punk anthem in 1968. This is one of my fave. They were from LE Pas, Mnitoba. 


The Mainline from Winnipeg made only one single but it's a punk screamer at his best. 


This group was from Toronto and cut one great punk single. 


One of the best punk screamer song from Winnipeg was made by this group.


Brian Redmond was the leader of this band,which was produced by Bill Hill and Al Nicholls of Jaybees.Their first single is pop-psychedelic.


This group from Bathurst, New Brunswick,formely the Generation,cut a fantastic single in late 1967. Both side composed by Bernard Arseneau are in late 1967. Both side composed by Bernard Arseneau are in the same vain of Plastic Cloud music. "Casey's mail order bride"is one of my top ten fave in punk/psych. I've seen only one copy in 15 years. 


Ray Toole, Richard Stepp, Gowan Jurganson 


Morley Nickles, Bill Pavlik, Colin Palmer, Ron Rene, Lenny Fidkalo 


The Quite Jungle made a dementiel punk screamer song "Everything" in 1967 


Bob Burgess(Haunted-Original Haunted-Lilacs),Louis McKelvey(Influence- ),Tim Forsythe(Peter and the Pipers),Jim Robertson,Nick Farlowe(Haunted), J.P.Lauzon(Jaybees), Gary Marcus(Oven), Danny Barriecco, Don Duncan, Richard Lasnier,

Don't be afraid! These guys were not playing at the same time. The original line-up,without any single, included Barriecco and Duncan. After ,for short period of time when they performed, came Lasnier, Lauzon and Marcus. On their second single " Cool Summer", McKelvey, Burgess, Robertson and Forsythe were the line up.


Bob Stoehr,Cliff Randall,Greg Tomlinson,M.Smith,

The Power of Beckett "Lost soul in disillusion" is one of the best punk screamer with guitar break to came out of Montreal. They released a second single,equally better than the first.


Marc Corbin,Dave Libety,John Doddridge,Jans Summers,Jamie Avis

The Heart, from Ottawa, formely Thee Deuces, released in 1968 two singles in the punk traditon of the time.


These kids from Edmondton made my best fave version of "Gloria". The screamer voice and the drums beat means punk as his best. 


Don Norman(lead vocal),Gary Comeau(lead gtr.),Clint Hierlihy(bass),Paul Huot(gtr.)Ritchie Patterson (drums)

The Esquires was half pop-rock and half instrumental group. In late 1963 Capitol Signed them and the secong single went number one in Ottawa. The influence of Buddy Holly is indefinable as they sing a tribute on their LP. On the other side they plays a lot like the Shadows on some instrumental 45. 

ESQUIRES (second line up in 1966) 

Brian Lewis(lead vocal), Ritche Patterson (drums)

The second line-up of the Esquires was more powerfull on the rock side than the first. When Don Norman left to form the other Four, Brian Lewis take the lead and the Esquires was again on the road . The group made two singles and one became a very good punk screamer song. 

See also Don Norman & The Other Four 


Larry Hall(drums),Ron Arthurs(bass),Michael Richards(lead vocal),Bob Edwards(lead gtr.)

The kingdom of the Royal Family was Edmonton, Alberta. The breaks came early in the life of this group Unlike most groups who go through many months of performances before recognition,the Royal Family were signed to a recording contract while they were relatively unkonwn.

They packed The Banff School of Fine Arts and performed no less than 50 originals compositions. The range of their songs goes from pop, rock, mersybeat and punk. 


Rick St-Jean,Tagg Hindsgual,Rene Boileau,Ed Kaye,Lorraine Nied,John Nicole,Del Desrosiers

The Munks from Montreal released a classic punk in 1966,another of my fave. When they played in clubs they were all dressed in monks. The second line-up,included Lorraine Nied, called Sweet Lorraine. They made a second 45 but not in the punk side. Between the first and the second line up they changed their name to Exit 4.A.pop single was issued with this name. 


Don Norman(lead vocal,bass),Gary Comeau(lead gtr.),Brian Dewhurst(drums),Ron Green(organ),Bill Helman(bass),John Matthews(sax)

Don Norman was in 1964 the lead singer of the Esquires who included also Gary comeau. Along with the Other Four, his new group in 1966,Don Norman cuts four Singles both of them are among the best punk to came cut in Canada,thanks to John Pozer who put them of his own new label, Sir John A. 


George Johns,Bruce Walker,Terry Kenny ,Roland Blaquire,Kenny Rae

The Jury, from Winnipeg ,made some singles but their best contribution in punk music is "Who Dat". A punk screamer.


From Toronto, the Just Us made a strong punk-screamer song in 1965.


The Checkerlads made 3 singles and both are best punk around. The one on RCA is the best. 


From Montrel the Naughty Boys gave us two very good punk singles with fuzz guitar break. After their first release they moved to Ottawa on the Sir John A labell.

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