Searchin' For Shakes Download Files

10/9/04 Additions:

REISSUES: Magical Mystery Tour: 1967-1971, Instro Hipsters #5, That Driving Beat #5, We Can Fly #5, Girls With Guitars, Midnite Sound of the Milky Way, Shadows Falling, Come Fly With Us…, What Do I Say?, Beat from Holland #3, Love, Peace & Poetry: African Psychedelic Music, Heart So Cold, Winning Sides, Sometimes I Wonder - The Psychedelic Pop Sound Of President, Soft Sounds for Gentle People #3, Garage Rock Classics, Who Would Have Thought, Gentlemen de Paris, Le Beat Bespoke, Electric Toxic So #1 & 2, RPM Promo Single, Mod Meeting #3, Thai Beat A Go-Go

MODERN: Puget Power, Now Put On Your Face and Join The Race, Ansia de Color, Lost In Tyme Compilation CD

ORIGINAL: Vier Biet Hiets, Caras Nuevas, Earthed, Beat Party, Soft Beat 1966, Beater’s Hitparade, Wer ‘Beatet’ Mer (last four thanks to Wolfgang Duringer)

05/31/04 Additions:

REISSUES: Conquer The World, Psychedelic States: Illinois in the 60s, Northwest Battle of the Bands #4, Beat Im Norden, Beat Im Suden, Beat Im Westen, Ruhrgebeat, Beat-Battle, Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils #2, Garage Beat ’66 #1-3, Cambodian Rocks #1 & 2, Psychedelic Pstones #4, Modesty Blaise, Fort Worth Teen Scene! #1-3,  Mexican Rock And Roll Rumble And Psych-Out Even Souther Of The Border, 32 Nederpophits Uit De Jaren 60, Party Party Party, Sigh Cry Die, Beat Express #13, Wrenchin’ The Wires #2, Mr. Toytown Presents, Danish Beatcookies #4 & 5, Jacks Beat Records Anthology #1 & 2, Electric Sound Show #1.

MODERN: A Hangman Sampler (Thanks to lo-fi jr and Bard Hodneland)

ORIGINALS: 12 Original Great Hits, Beat International, Hazleton ’68 (thanks to Andreas Ehrengard), World Pop Music

4/3/04 Additions:

Sorry for the massive delay, but I’ve been concentrating on creating a new website that allows on-line database searches. It has almost all of the functionality that the Access version has (unlike the current website), and will be part of the Ugly Things website (, so all of their reviews will be part of the database.  We’re just waiting for the Ugly Things web designer to make a few small modifications, so check their site to see if everything’s set up. The Access version will still be available, though I’m no longer making the tables available here as text files. 

REISSUES: Teen Blast USA! #1 & 2, Rock Story #1, Just For Kicks #1, Living In The Past #1, This is Merseybeat #3, Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Terug In De Toekomst #1 & 2, Phantom Jukebox #1 & 2, Total Raunch, Garage Beat in Florence, Devant le Juke-Box #4, Girls in the Garage #3 CD.

MODERN: Thee Cave Comes Alive! - Songs from the Lost What Wave Fanzine Tapes, Gew-Gaw 3 (English version), Japanese Groupsound!, Dedicated to Keeping the Garage Doors Open, Tales From Estrus #1, Roots of Swedish Pop #2, Beat Party, Trypnosis Festival, Brazilian Pebbles #2, They Came From The North.

ORIGINALS: Los Grandes Conjuntes Espanoles, Solo Beat.

12/21/03 Additions:

REISSUES:  Visions Of Rarities from the 60s & 70s, Berlin Szene, Fading Yellow #6 & #7, 94 Baker Street, Grains Of Time, 25 Rare Recycled RCA Rock Relics (thanks to Scott Charbonneau), Nederbeat Best Album Tracks #1 & #2, Love, Peace & Poetry: Mexican Psychedelic Music, Hearts of Stone CD, Storm in the Garage, Piccadilly Sunshine #1 & #2, Rubble Collection Box #2, Psychedelic Experience Vol 1 + 2 CD, Mod Meeting #2, Instro Hipsters A Go-Go #4, We Can Fly #4, That Driving Beat #4, Soft Sounds for Gentle People #2

MODERN: Off the Hip #3 & #4, Ptolemaic Terrascope #31, Neolithic Sounds from South Europe, Voodoo Rhythm Records Label Compilation, Sound Affects #1 & #2 (thanks to Bart Mendoza), and Especial Hits 98 Jovenes Con Talento (thanks to Franck Guigue).

ORIGINALS: Exitos A Go-Go, Onda Psicodelica, Orfeon Psicodelico A Go Go, Campeonas del Hit Parade, Direct from the Rainbow Ballroom (thanks to Alex Taylor), Mis Fabulosos 20’s, Package Tour, New Directions in Beat, Tom’s Touch, 21 Groupes Discotheques, and these from Rolf Rieben: Beat Club ’67, Boss Dance Hits, Siebzehn Jahr, Blondes Haar, Suisse 2000, Hits A Go Go.

10/12/03 Additions:

REISSUES:  Australian Rock Heritage, Radar Records EP, Riot of the Amphetamine Generation, Girls Make the World Go ‘Round #1, Unearthed Merseybeat, Psychedelic Pstones #3, Rhythm And Pop, Beat And Pop, Psychedelic States: Texas in the 60s, Today is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday, Writing Letters to Nowhere, Los Pumas - Los Tiburones - Los Nivram, Psychamania, Mac Macleod - The Incredible Journey of the Original Hurdy Gurdy Man, Freakbeat from Down Under, Doin’ The Mod #5, Girls in the Garage #11, Happy Days.

MODERN: Euro Ye-Ye ’98, Brainblood

ORIGINAL: Best of Beat #2, El Clan Dicesa

Important Note: To make things much easier for myself, I’ve upgraded the database to Access 2000. I won’t be updating the Access 97 version anymore, though it can still be downloaded below. If you only have Access 97 and want to see the latest comps, you can either download the file and import the text files it contains into your database, or use this website:

08/02/03 Additions:

REISSUES:  Dans le Vent #2, Stasera Shake!, A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych, Instant Garage, Acid Daze, Nederbeat Dutch Nuggets #1 & 2, Quagmire #1 & 2, Spinning Wheel #2, Pop-In #2, Aliens Psychos & Wild Things #3, Beat From Holland #1 & 2, Jeff Beck - Shapes of Things, Get Lost #3, You’re Playing With Fire, Impossible But True: The Kim Fowley Story, Danish Beatcookies #3, Beat Masters 1964-1967, Beat Beat Beat #4, Psicofasicos de Bolivia, More of the Cult GS Complete Singles (thanks to David Goodwin), Electric Lemonade Acid Test #4, Wake the Neighbours!

MODERN: Red Rag to a Bull, Antipodean Screams, Live at the Boston Arms (thanks to Syd Kreft), Ptolemaic Terrascope #32, 12 Raw Greek Groups (thanks to automaton 3).

ORIGINAL: Tiener Band Show, Let’s Go A Go Go, WLAV Memory Pack, On the Scene, Café A Go-Go.


Initial Setup:

1. Download the file and double-click it to extract the Comps2k.mdb application file. Then simply run Comps2k.mdb. Important note: to use this application, it’s necessary to have a copy of Microsoft Access 2000 or greater. If you only have Access 97, download the file instead, but understand that this version will no longer be updated.


      To get updated data simply download the latest version of the file, below, to the directory containing your current version of Searchin’ for Shakes. Double-click to extract the latest version of the Comps2k.mdb file. (version 2.8): Full Access 2000 version w/all files (10/9/04, 4.1mb). (version 2.7): Full Access 1997 version w/all files (08/02/03, 2.9mb).