Hong Kong ---Sweden

Anders Nelsson

English translated by Heather McNeill
Anders Nelsson was born in the U.S.A. and later lived in Hong Kong until his late teenage years.  (His parents were missionaries.)  He then moved to Sweden as he was required to do his military service there in order to retain his Swedish

Anders Nelsson had already been a big popstar in Hong Kong, and Cool Candy'sband leader Einar Svensson tried to launch him on his new recording label, AnetteRecords, where Nelsson's single became the company's first release.  Nelsson also got to live with the Svensson family.  The Kontinentals included some members from String Tones and Cads.

Anders Nelsson returned, however, to Hong Kong.  His blond hair and blue eyes fit in well in Hong Kong.

Nelsson also recorded an album there together with a group called Inspiration, and one can assume there were even some singles released from it.

Anders Nelsson also became a film star and enjoyed great success playing villainsin James Bond-influenced films.



Meet Anders Nelsson!(English translation of Swedish 45)

Anders Nelsson came from Hong Kong to Sweden.  He showed up here in the middle
of a winter cold spell.  The first thing Anders said when he landed here was:
"Brrrr!  This is really cold!  So this is what snow looks like."  You see, he
had never experienced a Swedish winter and had never seen snow before, this
despite the fact he was Swedish!  How can that be?  Well, now we'll tell you
a little about Anders so you can get to know him better.

Anders was born in California on June 10, 1946, of Swedish parents.  He has
only lived in Sweden a few months of his life.  For the past 15 years Hong Kong
has been his home.  He went to school there (he took the GCE-exam, which corresponds
to our upper-secondary final exams) and, as well, became a top name in the music
business.  Together with his own group, The Kontinentals, Anders was Hong Kong's
most popular local band.  The big breakthrough for Anders and The Kontinentals
came with the group's first single.  One of Anders' own songs, "I Still Need
You," became a big hit and went straight to the top of the charts.  It even
beat out such hits as the Beatles' "Yesterday."

When the offer came for him to move to Sweden, Anders and the Kontinentals were
at the peak of their career.  They had top billing at pop concerts and appeared
often on radio and TV.  But now the group had to split up, and Anders' fans
took this really hard.  At The Kontinentals' farewell performance at the Concert
Hall in Hong Kong's City Hall building, no one could hold back the tears.  "It
was really an amazing pop concert," Anders says.  "It was hard to sing.  Everybody
just cried."

The day that Anders set off for Sweden, the airport was stormed by thousands
of fans screaming: "Anders, come back.  Anders, come back!"  Although he had
to leave, Anders was determined to pick up where he left off, starting up The
Kontinentals again here in Sweden.  So now we have him here, and it's great
for us to be able to introduce him on the first Anette Records release.  We
hope you'll like him as much as we do.  He's a great guy, a bit shy perhaps
but with a wonderful charm.  Listen to him, and then you'll understand why he
made it to the top so quickly.  It didn't take us long to realize he's absolutely
a world-class pop singer.

New from Anette Records!
Do you want to sing along with Anders?  Well, just open up the record sleeve.
 The lyrics are on the inside!


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