The style of Oresama's self-righteous Home-Page

The style of Oresama's self-righteous Home-Page
RENEW 15/Sep./99(15:30)

since 4 aug 1996.

Somebody said to me "You use broken English". But I don't think so. As far as I wrote, it is become to King of English.


JAPANESE ONLY here it is! ADDITION 15 Sept. 99 (15:30)


First, I have to explain What is Oresama? It means 'me' who is the great boss in my world. Here is the my place what if I said something, it's become to Law, and when I do something, it's become to Right. In other word, here is promised land by my words. I am the word and truth. Then I am sacred cow or a holy terror. Therefore, if you have feeble hurt or weak mind, and healthy common sense, you'd better get out of here. But I was going to so gentle since I make this sight. For instance, I'm not declare war to USA yet. On the contrary, I had a good impression to American and Englishman. Some people send mail to me. even few English message in this sight thoug. I was going to wrote so many Japanese message. But Japanese mail is few more than English. Then I thought I have to wrote more English message than Japanese. But my power of expression is poor. And maybe I make a many mistake in my English. But I think it is good more than nothing. I'll do my best. In fact, I'll try to do thinking about daily incident, like philosoher and religious. but I have no gentleness and no Buddha's spirit. You'll see hell. But I showed only raise hell(?) What? I can't understand you say? Oh, I'm sory about that. But...I can't recoginize native English. It's both are to blame. aren't you? Now real hell is not open yet. Are you stay here though?

Where are you going?


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* Japanese crazy fisherman's Home-Page(my friend's Home-page)
Web master say I am absorbed in fishing, it's so inportant more than my job.
But it's only Japanese now.

Here is some English artist's Home-page. His painting is include Japanese title.

* KRAZY Ken's Homepage
There is a webmaster's portrait I think, that's so funy. I'm only eccentric
person, but he get over me. He afraid to visitor kill oneself, but I scare
himself. "Hey! Ken, are you O.K?" Humm... no answer.Too late? Hurry up!!


* GRAFFITI OF LABORATORY & LAVATORY here ( it's eccentric English only)ADDITION 15 MAY 97

* ORESAMA'S WORLD(it's only Japanese) here it is! ADDITION 15 Sep. 99 (15:30)

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